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 ACM BROKERS created this group to share opinions, perspective on trends in the Financial Market.

 Our clients will have access to all information, promotions and our daily analysis, so client can also put in their own strategies (technical and fundamental).

 Our daily analysis is not a signal; it’s just the perspective about the direction of the market.

 You can ask question about all our services such as Promotion, Deposit, Withdrawal and any other related issue or contact your account officer.

 ACM BROKERS is not given out signals neither selling signals to anybody, if you see anybody selling signals in the name of ACM BROKERS please report the person.

 Every discussion in this group is solely on Financial Market (Any other discussion or suggestion aside Financial Market is not ALLOWED.

 Every member of this group are free to interact with each other and share their view and idea about the Market.

 DISCLAIMER: Any trading signal posted in this group is not from ACM BROKERS, if you follow any trading signal posted by member of this group, "IT’S AT YOUR OWN RISK".



Published: 2019-10-23 10:41:28