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ACM BROKERS is offering a 3days "free Forex Training Program". To be a beneficiary, you will have to register and deposit. Minimum deposit of $500 and above Date: 6th-8th of February, 2019. Time: 10am. Venue: 14th Floor Cocoa House, Dugbe, Ibadan. Interested people should make their deposit before 6th of February 2018, and Please also note that the date was changed due to the feedbacks from clients, based on their availability. Please note that this Training is valued at Hundred Thousand Naira; but we are making it a NEW YEAR BONUS. Kindly indicate your interest by replying with your FULL NAME, MAIL and NUMBER to You can also contact the support department if you are interested but not buoyant enough.

Published: 2018-12-11 07:51:26