ACM Brokers is happy to inform all our esteemed clients that we have partnered with Astute Financials in order to offer our clients the best copy trading system available.
Astute Financials is a financial advisory company with arguably the best trading copier tool out there with copy speed of less than 0.04ms, no lagging no delay and with the ability to send your copy signals to unlimited number of accounts.

How the copy trading platform works

A technical explanation how Astute trade copier(ACT) copies the trades between MetaTrader 4 accounts located in different parts of the world on the same broker.
Server EA runs on the master MT4 account where you trade manually or use another EA for that.
Server EA monitors your master account for new trades and any changes of the existing trades and then sends all this information to the database (ACT control panel). This happens every second non-stop with all master accounts you connect to ACT.
At the same, Client EA runs on all client MT4 accounts and it connects to the database to download the trade list of a master account. Client EA carefully compares the data with all the trades currently running on the client account and make any necessary changes to make those trades match with the master. In others words, Client EA opens new trades and close or modify existing trades following the master. This also happens every second non-stop with all client accounts connected to the ACT.

Who needs the Copy trading service

- A trader with good trading system and track record and would like to make some extra income as a signal provider - An investor that would like to take advantage of the financial market profitably by following a seasoned professional

What you need to do to make use of our Trade Copier

1- Open a trading account with ACM Brokers
2- Verify and Fund it Appropriately
3- Identify and select a master account to copy and follow
4- Agree to the providers terms
5- Download the client EA here
6- double click to install the client EA
7- Enter the password that would be sent to your email and activate the EA. Start copying all the successful traders.

Why choose ACM Copy trading service.

  • You get to choose the expert you wish to follow
  • You don't have to give your account details or have your account password or funds sent to anyone
  • You don't have to disclose the amount you have in your account
  • You don't even have to trade
  • You get to earn passive income while you still do whatever it is you do

Start Earning!